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D’un plancher
à l’autre

D’un plancher à l’autre, our mission is to offer our clients a unique selection of high-end hardwood flooring and staircases in an inspiring and creative environment.

We aspire to become a place of creation, planning and implementation of renovation or construction project with a unique concept where high quality services are offered.

From one floor to another offers a variety of door choices. Doors delimit spaces but also constitute a non-negligible decorative element. Modern or antique, sliding or swinging, browse our models to find those that will perfectly fit your rooms.

Frameworks and skirting boards, whether old-fashioned or contemporary, are still relevant today. Wood moldings are available in various profiles and widths and are ideal for giving a warm appearance to your rooms.

The staircase, this central component of your home is much more than a passage from floor A to B. It gives prestige to your living space. Choose your staircase according to the style of your interior design and make it a remarkable architectural element.

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Floor is an element not to neglect when designing your rooms The material choice, its color and its texture will give a different style to the places. To choose your floor, you must also target your needs in terms of durability and resistance according to your project.